How To Make Fake Money Use It

You cannot use the paper that is used in printing books, newspapers and magazines because it is made from cellulose found in trees and can be detected by the money detector. However, the paper used in making money is from cotton and linen fibers. Paper used in making money is called rag paper. It is very thin. If you can get rag paper then you are set. If you cannot find Rag paper, then the only thing is to die the common paper found in local shops. One common dye is using water and coffee and dipping the paper inside. But rag paper is the king. 


Now that you have your paper ready, you will need to design the money that will be printed on the paper. Generally, the law say that when you are designing counterfeit it should be 75% less than real money in size. we don’t know how many people are actually respecting this rule. You can scan real money pictures or download money images on to your computer.  Someone told me you can download play money work sheet on the internet (Do you want play money?Lol). Quality of your scanner is important as it will reflect the quality of the money you want to make. If the quality is not good enough, then you can also buy designs from prop companies. 

STEP3: Printing Fake Money 

If everything is set, you can insert the paper in step one in the printer and make it rain. Print as many copies as you want.printing money on a money printer

You can create double-sided money by adjusting your printer settings to print on both sides of a single page.

You’ll also need a two-page document on your computer with both sides of the currency image on it. Or, you can use a copier’s double-sided function to create two-sided images. The quality of your printer again will determine the quality of the fake bills you want to print. After printing the counterfeit money, you can make it great again by giving some pro touch. Hope you know what we mean? 

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